The Most Legitimate Hook Up Sites For Cheaters

Best Legitimate Hook Up Sites

When we were reviewing these hookup sites, we paid special attention to specific criteria we had for determining if the site was real or a scam. In truth, we found only three dating sites for hooking up that we would classify as 100% legit.

1. Users were responsive to our e-mails. If we got no letters or the exact same letter from multiple women on the site, we knew we were dealing with a BS site.
2. Users were not escorts. Again, no money was expected to change hands simply for going on date. Paying for sex is not what we’re about.
3. We actually got dates. The women on the site turned out to be just like us. Ladies who were looking for a fun time. No cam girls or escorts need apply.

These were the sites which we rated highest.

Hookup SitesRecommendationRankSent EmailsReceived RepliesCheating Dates Set UpDates Actually Had# of AffairsDebriefingExplore
★★★★★★#115085504946Read our comparisonTest the site
★★★★★#215064353027Read our comparisonTest the site
★★★★#315048221815Read our comparisonTest the site

Those are the 3 Legitimate Hook Up Sites in the United Stated for 2021

Hooking up with Singles if you’re Married

Are you finding it difficult to hook up with other women on the most popular hookup sites for cheaters? Sometimes it’s easier to find dates on hook up sites for singles instead. You should keep in mind however that a lot of times it’s safer to exclusively use a site that caters to married men and women who are looking for a little extra-marital fun. This is largely because there is an underbelly of hackers and information brokers who could try to blackmail you with the information they find on affair sites. There’s also a much smaller chance of actually running into someone you know on a hook up site for cheaters. And if you do run into someone you know, you also know, they’re looking for the same thing you are. So you’ve got each other in a bit of a double bind, which may not be such a bad thing, especially if she’s into that!

At any rate, concerns like the ones I’ve mentioned are also reasons why people are less willing to sign up for legitimate hook up sites, and this sad truth reduces their user pool by no small margin. Also, depending on where you live, you may just not have very good access to other likeminded dating companions. So then the trick is to find a good legitimate hook up site for singles that may have a more solid user base. Believe it or not there are ways to protect your anonymity. You don’t have to make access to your face readily available to all users on the site. Still, if complete discretion is what you’re after, your best bet is to stick through the process of finding someone else who is also married. But single dating sites can also be excellent too.

So which are the best sites for hooking up with singles? Well, like anything, there are some good ones out there, but scams are in no small supply. The issue with sites like these is that they prey on your desire to get laid which is a very natural desire. Sites like these will say they are a dating site, while actually being an escort service which is attempting to operate in the shadows. This is because prostitution is unfairly illegal in so many places. Some of the men there actually rely on these services because they’re looking for a very uncomplicated, no-strings-attached, economic transaction that involves sex for money. That’s all well and good, but what we’re reviewing here is dating sites, not escort services.

Others have less legitimate reasons for the deception. They’re basically porn sites, who are allowed to operate in the open, attempting to fool you into a paying for cam girls or are porn hubs looking to charge a monthly fee. Again, this is all fine and good, but why the deceptive practice? Cam girls, escorts, and porn don’t provide what dating provides, which is a certain human intimacy that we all crave.

That’s why single dating sites and affair sites for cheaters are so popular. They can offer something to you that porn and escorts can’t. It’s also why it’s such an obvious target for scammers and why we hate them so much for preying on our human need of companionship. We wanted to make sure there was a resource out there to help you navigate the world of internet dating. We do not want to see anymore people fall prey to scam websites. It only encourages them to produce more and more of these fake services.

Beware of the hookup dating scam

Sadly, dating scam sites exist and constitute the larger cross section of hook up sites on the internet. All this does is sully the reputation of a the legit sites out there for singles looking to hook up. We found when researching these sites that no news is bad news. It means the site was new and that could only mean one of two things. It was a scam site that just had changed its name because it had gotten a bad reputation for being a scam.

1. Good sites remove users attempting to recruit clients for escort services or porn sites. A site could be held liable under local prostitution laws if it turns out that escorts are using it to attract customers. Even if the charges are filed but no wrongdoing is found it still costs the site money making it less lucrative to operate a decent service. So real dating sites have a vested interest in removing users who use their site to find Johns.
2. A good site has a solid user base they built from trust. The best sites have the biggest user bases. Why? Because they aren’t trying to screw anyone out of their money by pretending to offer one service while they’re actually offering another.
3. A good site will permanently ban a user, or even prosecute them, for attempting to distribute their personal information for the purpose of blackmail. Internet dating is hard enough without people trying to blackmail each other. A legit site will ban the user, their IP address, and distribute their information to local authorities before tolerating one instance of blackmail on their site. Sad to say, but it does happen.

So basically, if you’re a married man interested in hooking up with singles you do need to be careful about who you give your money to. This is basically true of any industry so it goes without saying that you need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you fork over your hard earned dough. Like anything, some singles dating sites are good and others are not. Some are scams or fronts for other businesses while others are not. The trick is to know what you’re doing before you spend a dime. If you’ve been burned before it becomes demoralizing and destroys the reputation of the industry. Unfortunately, dating sites and especially hookup sites for singles or cheaters are not being supported by local law enforcement and are thus forced to prosecute and sue scam sites on behalf of their entire industry. That costs a lot of money and they’re struggling to get by as it is. That’s why we created this list. It’s not just here to provide you with the information you need but to improve the entire industry of internet dating and hookup sites which is continually under attack by fraudulent scam sites giving it a bad reputation.