How To Sweep Her Off Her Feet On A First Date

birmingham datingSweep Her Off Her Feet

Single men living in Memphis have the chance to live in a city with some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. With so many women to choose from, it can actually get hard to pick. This is especially true for people using free hookup sites, since all the women are laid plainly right in front of your computer screen, and all you’ll have to do is talk to them to see if you can get something going. With the advent of affair websites, it’s becoming easier and easier for single men to secure hot first dates with various women living in their area. If you’ve already gone through the process of soliciting women on this hookup site, and you’ve secured yourself a first date, all you have to think about is how to sweep her off her feet. When it comes to dating in Birmingham, there are plenty of perfect settings that you can take your date to in order to ensure that your evening is a fully successful one in every sense of the word. If you’re looking to impress her on your first date, then this is the exact guide that you should read. Here are four tips on how to sweep her off her feet.

How To Sweep Her Off Her Feet — Make Sure You Look Your Best On Your First Date

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to first dates. A lot of the work in a first date is done back at home, while you’re getting ready for it. Make sure that you’ve showered and shaved up, spray a bit of cologne (not too much, because nothing turns a woman off like a man who tries too hard), and pick your best casual outfit for the night. Casual attire is key on a first date, since underdressing will communicate the message that you don’t really care about the impression you’re making, and overdressing will imply that you care far too much about that impression. Just wear a simple button up shirt, pair of jeans and nice pair of shoes, and when you’re meeting your lovely lady for the first time, make sure you’re wearing your biggest and brightest smile, since nothing communicates attractiveness more than a genuinely smiling face.

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Dating In Memphis — Always Remember To Compliment Her

Women put a lot of effort into their appearance on a first date, and communicating verbally to her that you find she looks great can really bring you up a notch in her book. Say that she’s looking beautiful right when you meet her, and she’ll blush with appreciation. Like in every other area, it’s important not to overdo the compliments as well, since women can grow sick of hearing the same thing over and over again. Just say it once to let her know that her beauty is on your mind, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a smooth, clear first date.

Impress her — Be A Gentleman

James Bond is a classy gentleman, and as we can see from each of his movies, he has absolutely no problem getting laid. In that sense, we recommend mirroring James Bond as a persona during your first date. Sure, you’re not a world class spy (unless you actually are, in which case we apologize for our presumptions), but think of yourself as a calm, cool, mysterious gentleman just like James Bond, and she’ll be quite impressed by your energy. Hold the car and restaurant doors open for her, offer her a seat at the table before sitting down yourself. Pour her a glass of wine instead of letting her do it. These small gestures can go a long way towards cementing a positive view of you in your date’s mind. Of course, the most gentelman-ly thing you can do on a date is be a good conversationalist. Listen to every word she’s saying and offer her the appropriate input. Don’t be shy to share your own stories as well, although don’t share too much, because maintaining an air of mystery will keep her wanting to know more about you, which is always a great thing on a first date.

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At the end of the date, after all the drinking, dancing, or whatever other activities you two have engaged in, it’s time to offer her the ultimate activity: some casual sex back at her place. You did meet her on an online sex chat, so both of you already know what the score is before you ever met up. The best way to sweep a woman off her feet on a date is to literally sweep her off her feet and carry her over to your bedroom in order to engage in some good old fashioned fun under the sheets. Take the plunge and ask her back for coffee, and we’ll leave the rest up to you! Best of luck.