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When it comes to finding legitimate hookup sites to get laid online, there are so many adult dating sites to choose from that the sheer number of options can get overwhelming. There’s also the ongoing worry that potential users have of running into scams, which is a totally valid concern. The internet is replete with scammers, after all, and they tend to flock to the online hookup sphere to rob honest consumers of their hard-earned cash. Of course, you’re not looking for an online hookup site that is merely clear of all scams — you want one that is proven to work, and will get you the results you signed up for. Well, you need look no further than We understand the concerns that come with seeking one night stands online, and we want to do whatever we can to help alleviate consumers’ sense of stress. This is the reason why we embarked on a 3-month long review period, during which time we put 50 dating sites to the test to verify their legitimacy and functionality. Now, at the end of it all, we have emerged with a comprehensive list of platforms that actually work, and we’re happy to report that has earned a solid place on that list.

Putting xxxPersonals to the test

We kept our eyes sharply peeled for all opinions on before even passing it through our review process (which, by the way, sounds like hard work, but in this case it actually turned out to be quite a lot of fun, as you will see below). In fact, we heard great things from our own social circle about xxxPersonals. Some of our friends had given the forum a try in a casual sort of way, not really expecting to get much out of it, and they actually got laid using the platform. That was some great news for us to hear, and it made us optimistic about how the results of our test would look (it also made us optimistic about getting laid), but we obviously could not give a gold star just because we heard some personal testimonials saying that it worked. In complete fairness, our job here was to pass all 50 sex ads sites on our list through the exact same testing process. That’s the only way that we can get consistent results that clearly show the differences in performance between all of the platforms. So, we patted our friends on the back, and dove right into our reviewing process.

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Very promising results for

Here’s what our review process looks like, in a nutshell: for every online hookup site we review, we send out 150 e-mails to female users on the platform. From that point, we wait and see how many of those users actually reply to our initial messages. Out of those replies, we try to set up dates with the users. We then take note of how many women actually showed up to meet us on the dates. Finally, we see how many of our dates can actually end in a one night stand (using our irresistible charm and wit, of course), and after that key number is confirmed, we have our official results. Thankfully for and all of the people using it, the official results in this case were extremely positive. Out of the initial 150 e-mails we sent out, we received 45 replies. Admittedly, this isn’t the highest response rate we’ve ever received, but in the case of xxxPersonals, quality vastly trumps quantity, as you’ll see below. Out of those 45 replies we received, we managed to set up 32 dates, which is already an impressive ratio compared to most sites we reviewed. Even better than that, 31 of those dates actually showed up in person to meet us. This was extremely refreshing, since so many users have stood us up during our time spent reviewing other dating websites. Now, the best statistic of all: out of the 31 dates we went on with these lovely ladies, we actually managed to seal the deal on 30 of them! That’s right, got us laid a whopping 30 times. Now you understand why the hard work we do reviewing adult websites definitely comes with its share of benefits! 30 one night stands out of 31 dates is an absolutely phenomenal ratio, and it shows a lot of promise for other members to have their fair share of sex with beautiful women on the adult chat site as well. If we can do it, then you certainly can, too! xxxPersonals reviews usually take on a positive shade, and it’s certainly no different in our case.

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There’s no need to worry about scams here

Hey, we get it — you’ve had a really bad experience with internet scams in the past, or you’ve heard about a friend or family member getting scammed very badly, so you’re a little hesitant to embark on any online endeavour where you’d be at risk of having your hard-earned money taken from you. The concern is understandable; fear of scammers is a natural residue left behind from the dirty, dishonest work that scammers do. They see an opportunity where they feel like they can trick a certain system in order to make themselves a quick buck, and they take it, not paying a single thought to the well-being of the honest person who’s losing that buck as quickly as the scammer makes it. We all know what scammers do, and we try to stay as far away from that kind of stuff as possible. Thankfully, from our extensive experience using xxxPersonals, this is a website that is truly far away from any blatant scam. All of the users we messaged on the site were actually real, human, female people, who were on the site looking for some casual sex, just like we were. Our research bore the fruit of very promising results, and the whole process of using was entirely clean and super legit. In our opinion, you should not think twice before committing to a paid membership on, and we give you our research-based recommendation to do so. We did our work in this department with the intention of answering questions like ‘is xxxPersonals real’, or ‘is xxxPersonals any good’. Through our own experience with the website as well as the xxxPersonals testimonials in our social circle that we’ve been privy to, we believe that we have the answer to these questions, and it’s a resounding ‘Yes!’