Tempted To Have An Affair? How To Resist.

sex lifeCan You Resist?

Having an affair can be one of the most devastating and heart breaking actions a person can take.This article outlines some of the reasons that people think about affairs and discusses some of the ways to resist have an affair in order to save your relationship.

Know the Signs Before an Affair Happens

As history has taught us, humans are not very good when it comes to temptation. If you have the chance, it is important to try and stop the possibility of temptation before it is too late. Use these tips to identify some of the early signals, and stop the temptation before it even arises.

Emotional intimacy is one of the ways that people can first identify romantic interest. If you find that you are sharing deep thoughts and feeling with a member of the sex that you are attracted to, than you may be entering into emotional intimacy. While having relationships with the opposite sex is natural, it is important to be aware of the content that you are sharing, and how it differs in comparison to what you share with your partner. It you start to share things with someone that you may be attracted to, and you don’t share them with your spouse, then you may have crossed the line.

Sexual tension with someone is another indicator that you may be tempted to have an affair with that person in the future. While almost intangible, sexual tensions will be the force that pulls you to a person and creates a sexual excitement when they are nearby or talking to you. If a platonic relationship begins to develop into something with these signs, then you may end up having an affair.

The third sign is secrets. If you begin to keep secrets from your spouse then you are headed towards trouble. While these lies may seem like that are not harming anyone at first, they can become a more serious representation of what it means to be in a relationship, and whether or not you are tempted to cheat. The following three indicators will help you identify what kind of relationships may turn into a temptation.

Improve Your Marriage

Most affairs occur because of something happening internally within a marriage. After you have identified what is causing your temptations then you can formulate a plan to deal with them. Whether it is a behavioural issue or lackluster sex life, these tips can help you boost your happiness and spice up your sex life in order to resist the temptation of an affair.

Identify What Is Happening In the Relationship

If you truly want to resist having an affair and completely stop wanting to have an affair, then you will need to identify what is making you want to have one in the first place. Before you move forward, you need to identify what you think your partner isn’t providing and figure out a way to address it.

The best way to address what you may describe as a bland marriage is by figuring out that you are attracted to someone else as this is probably what you are missing in your current relationship. Once this has been identified, then you need to talk to your spouse about increasing your sexual attraction in the relationship. While it may be a difficult conversation, there are ways to do it without being mean or hurting anyone’s feelings. If talking is not successful, then the next step is seeking counselling. If you think that your bland marriage is related to your sex life, then there are many ways to address this. However, if you do not specifically say what is bothering you, then you will not be able to address it directly with your partner.

If you can admit what is bothering you in your relationship, then you and your partner can take steps to address it. This may involve introducing some sex tips to help spice up things in the bedroom. Whether it is trying to live out fantasies or asking her for a special sex position, pursuing these types of sexual activities with your partner will help you resist the urge to have an affair. When the fire dies between you and your partner is when the temptation to cheat will be the greatest. This can be deterred by going out of your way to communicate with your partner, and even trying to revive some of the romantic notions that you are missing. Try taking her out on a romantic date, or going on a vacation that is just about the two of you. The honesty with your partner will help you resist all types of temptation.