Best Cheating Sites for Having an Affair with Older Women

MILF and Cougar Cheating Sites

All of the best cheating sites had certain criteria that we looked for in an older-women dating service.

1. Users were responsive to our e-mails. You could tell that the woman who was responding was not a form letter.
2. Users were not escorts. If a user responded and then asked us for money, we were pretty sure that the site was not what we were looking for. While escorts will use dating services to attract clients, a good dating site will remove them for violating their terms of service.
3. We actually got dates. You’re there to hook up with older women, not chat with them. So if we were able to set up dates with the ladies on the site and actually verify they were real people, then we knew for sure that the site was good and real.

These were the Milf affair sites which we rated highest.

Milf SitesRecommendationRankSent EmailsReceived RepliesCheating Dates Set UpDates Actually Had# of AffairsDebriefingExplore
★★★★★#115092474643Read our comparisonTest the site
★★★★#215078474136Read our comparisonTest the site
★★★★#315064262119Read our comparisonTest the site

Those are the Top 3 Cougar Dating Sites in the United Stated for 2021

How to Find the Best Cheating Sites

I know a lot of you younger dudes out there are into older women. Well guess what? Older women are into you too! They get bored with their marriages or their marriages get bored with them. Their husbands don’t look at them the same way any longer. Sometimes it’s even consensual. The husbands and wives decide they need other partners to spice up their marriage. They still care about each other, but the sex has become predictable and routine. Other times they just can’t deal with their husbands any more, but they can’t completely sever ties with him either. Their kids are away at college, and now what’s the point? What’s the point of living with a dissatisfying marriage, when they can access willing younger dudes like you with a few clicks of a button? Sometimes their husbands cheat on them, or they catch them looking at a 20 year old the way they used to look at them. Can you imagine? Their own husband making some younger girl feel the same way he used to make her feel. That’s where you come in. You’re going to be the one to make her feel the same way her husband used to make her feel 20 years ago.

You ever fantasized on a MILF encounter or having an affair with married women? From our experience, this is some of the best sex you’ll ever have. There’s a reason they’re called cougars. They come at you like predators closing in on wounded prey. Inexperienced? Older women don’t care. They like to be the ones in charge. They want you to be the sexual object. They’ll get on top of you and ride you like a stallion, all the while looking deeply into your eyes. They’ll position your hands on their chest. They’ll kiss you as they move up and down. So the whole thing takes the form of a teacher-student relation. It’s hot. Trust us.

Women above all things need to feel desired. Now sometimes this takes the form of sexual agency (as in being the aggressor to a younger inexperienced buck), and other times it takes the form wanting to get pounded as hard as they possibly can. Trust us when we tell you that they’ll scream harder for you than they ever did for their husband, especially if the relationship ended badly, or they caught their husband cheating. These ladies will scream for you like it’s their first time all over again. They want to recapture that experience of being desired like they were when they were young, and you’re the dude they’ve chosen to do that with.

Now even on best cheating sites, it may be difficult for a younger guy to score a date with an older married women. These ladies are generally looking for someone who is in roughly the same boat as they are. They might want a younger guy, or they might think about younger dudes, but they won’t necessarily use an internet site for having an affair to score that date. There are sites which cater specifically to older women and you just might have better luck on those sites for MILF dating than you did on the married-but-looking sites.

Now, the problem is that the majority of these sites are just pitching cam girls and niche porn. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry and the industry is always trying to recruit new buyers. While we don’t have any issue with porn, we use it ourselves, we at date-crew do take issue with deceptive bait and switch practices of middlemen who use internet dating sites to lure unsuspecting men into paying for it when they think they’re going to have access to prospective dates.

So what we’ve done is taken the time to sift through which sites were legit dating services and which were complete scams pulling a bait and switch.

Beware of the cougar dating scam

Unfortunately, there were some scams out there. The problem with these sites is after they get a bad reputation, they just pop up elsewhere on the internet under a different name. Since a lot of times married guys or guys looking for sex are too embarrassed to come forward and sue the site for their deceptive practices, the process of screwing people out of money is very lucrative and has few if any consequences. Just change the name of the service when people search for it they won’t find anything negative. So this is what you want to look out for checking out a site:

1. Good sites remove users attempting to recruit clients for escort services or porn sites. You’re there for dates, not hookers or porn. No respectable site will allow either to use their service as a way to find customers. It’s literally illegal for them in most places to provide a service for escorts like that.
2. A good site has a solid user base they built from trust. In other words, there’s no need for them to use deceptive tactics because they’ve built a solid core of users with an excellent service. We make our judgment on a site based on how many dates we score for that very reason. The deception can only go so far.
3. A good site will permanently ban a user, or even prosecute them, for attempting to distribute their personal information for the purpose of blackmail. You really have to be careful with sites that cater to married clientele. There is no shortage of underhanded people who are looking for a cheap way to make a buck. But those people actually destroy the dating service’s credibility, which is why it’s in their best interests to see them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

So that concludes our list of the best MILF dating sites on internet for finding older women, married women, and cougars. It’s tricky to navigate through all the affair scam sites out there that are looking to take advantage of you, but with our help you’ll be scoring dates with hot cougars in no time. Just please don’t be deceived by nefarious bait and switch tactics, and if you do find any out there on the internet, be sure to report them to us, and we will make sure everyone knows to steer clear of them.