List of the Top Affair Sites

MILF and Cougar Cheating Sites All of the best cheating sites had certain criteria that we looked for in an older-women dating service. 1. Users were responsive to our e-mails. You could tell that the woman who was responding was not a form letter. 2. Users were not escorts. If a user responded and then […] Read more

Best American Affair Websites Despite all the so-called “services” which are attempting to take advantage of you, we did find some affair websites which were real. They all had the following criteria in common: 1. Users were responsive to our e-mails. In other words, they weren’t bots. 2. Users were not escorts. A legit site […] Read more

How to tell if a cam site is legit or not They ask you for personal information. This is really the key thing. There is no reason a cam girl should be asking you for Skype or any personal information about you that would lead them back to your real identity. If they ask you […] Read more

Best Legitimate Hook Up Sites When we were reviewing these hookup sites, we paid special attention to specific criteria we had for determining if the site was real or a scam. In truth, we found only three dating sites for hooking up that we would classify as 100% legit. 1. Users were responsive to our […] Read more