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We sent 150 e-mails to various female users whose profiles we came across on After all the messages were sent, we took it easy for a while and waited to see how many responses we would get. When it came time to count the messages we received, we tallied an impressive total of 86 replies, which signifies a response rate of over 50%. This was quite a promising start, especially compared to some of the completely defunct adult hookup sites we reviewed. Of course, the work didn’t stop there — it was just the beginning. From the 86 conversations we were engaged in with these women, we tried to set ourselves up on a date with all of them. This resulted in us successfully arranging to meet with 52 out of those 86 women, which is once again a very impressive rate. However, we are definitely not the type to celebrate a date before seeing the woman in person, so we reserved our judgements until these women actually showed up to meet us on the dates. To our surprise and delight, 46 out of those 52 women actually pulled through and went on dates with us. We had an awesome time with each and every one of those women, and we’re glad to have met all of them. The best statistic of all: out of the 46 dates that we set ourselves up with using Joyourself, we ended up having a one night stand with 40 of them! Oh yes, we actually ended up getting laid on three dozen separate occasions during our time spent on our Joyourself review. This obviously resulted in us having a great time on the job, but it also lead us coming up with a highly positive Joyourself testimonial that bodes well for anyone thinking about becoming a member on the site. Joyourself works, and it’s one of the best live sex site out there. is a true diamond in the rough

It’s so hard to get any decent information from the internet, especially in the state that it’s in today, with so much questionable content coming from all directions. Everyone wants some truth and transparency, and those things can be so hard to come by. The field of online dating, in particular, is subject to a lot of online cloudiness. There are so many options out there, and there rarely seems to be a decent place where you can get reliable reviews on the type of site you’re looking into. It’s for this reason that we decided to embark on our adult hookup website review journey, so that we can add a bit of transparency to the online hookup world. As we mentioned, we put 50 adult dating sites through a comprehensive test, in order to find out once and for all which sites work, and which don’t. Every platform on our list was subject to the same evaluation process, so our end results are completely neutral. received no special treatment in this regard; we had our eyes fixed on their performance, and we put the website to the ultimate test. We’re happy that they passed that test with flying colours.

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Although we can say from personal experience that there’s no such thing as a Joyourself scam, we totally get where this question comes from. With the positive success rate that we spoke highlighted above, we can easily understand how one might think that this website is way too good to be true, or possibly even a scam. Scams are all over the internet these days, after all, and it’s important to be careful not to run into the open arms of a scammer. Well, you can take our word for it that the site is absolutely real, it is very, very good, and we did not run into a single scam artist during our entire time using it. Trust us, we know an online scammer when we see one, having tested so many mediocre online hookup sites during our 3-month review process. From all of those bad experiences we had, we got into the habit of bracing ourselves before reviewing a new casual sex site, getting our minds ready for a potential mountain of illegitimate behaviour. Thankfully, after confirming that was a safe haven replete with nothing but bodacious babes, we allowed ourselves to relax a bit, and opened us up to the possibility that Joyourself is a good cam site as MaturesCam. And, truly, it is. This platform will give you the possibility of having tons of sex with hot locals nearby, and you won’t run into one time or money wasting scam as you strive to meet the woman (or women) of your dreams. We highly recommend that you commit to a full membership on in order to truly reap the extensive benefits of the site. Our thorough experience has shown that Joyourself is good at what it does, and its emphasis on quality and consistency directly benefits its users. Consider committing to a full membership on Joyourself, and prepare to be amazed at the sheer volume of casual sex on live cam you can have.