Reviews of AffairsClub: Is this Cheating Site Really Working? is a beacon of functionality that all other online hookup websites should follow. In fact, every other forum in the same field as AffairsClub should halt all its operations in order to take a good look at AffairsClub so that they could see how it’s done. With all the available options for adult encounters online, it’s hard to choose the platform that is the right one to choose when it comes to saving your precious time and precious money on. Some of these dating sites don’t necessarily even work, and even worse, some of those websites are filled with obvious scams that are made to waste that valuable time and take all that hard-earned money from you. We know this personally thanks to our experience spending the last 90 days going over all of the choices available to users for online hookup forums. We took on this project in order to differentiate between the good platforms and the bad; the ones that actually work and the ones that unfortunately do not; the legitimate hookup platforms, and the ones replete with scammers. The least that we can say after our lengthy review process is that we wish more adult online hookup websites out there would look to websites like as a template for how a good one night stand forum should function. We understand the apprehension consumers have before signing up to platforms like these, and we are of the opinion that all single people out there are entitled to a sufficient amount of honest before they actually commit their time to a new online territory. 50 adult dating sites were tested throughout our process, and our conclusive results revealed a wide spectrum of efficiency among them. is at the high end of that spectrum. This forum produces solid results, is super fun and easy to use, and has absolutely no indication of scams or any sort of illegitimate activity on it.

AffairsClub reviews for having an affair

Our test sheds light on the efficiency of any dating site

Compiling our AffairsClub testimonial is a job that we take very seriously, because we’re passionate about providing potential AffairsClub members with the best, most transparent research possible. To give you a good idea of how we go about testing online hookup sets, we’ll share our general method with you. In testing any adult dating site, we always send 150 emails to various female members of the forum. Out of that set of outgoing messages, we gauge what ratio of the women responded to us. From the responses, we try to set up dates with the women. Of course, not every planned date is always guaranteed to be carried out, so we tally up how many of these women who agreed to meet us actually showed up to the dates. Finally, after all is said is done, we input the final statistic of how many of these dates actually got us laid. passed our test with flying colours

Given the efficiency of the test outlined above, there isn’t an online hookup site in the world capable of escaping the illuminating results of our review process. That would, of course, include AffairsClub. Thankfully for us and anyone reading this, AffairsClub had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of transparency. Out of the 150 e-mails we sent out to members of the platform during our AffairsClub review, 57 of the women got back to us, which is already a decent start. Out of those 57 conversations we had with female users on the platform, we managed to set up 33 dates. Once again, that’s a good number to note, as it’s definitely higher than the rate we experienced using the average adult dating website. More impressive than that, 29 of these ladies actually made our acquaintance at the designated spot. Finally and best of all, of the 29 dates we had with these amazing women, we managed to end the night in a spectacular one night stand with a grand total of 26 of them. 26 happy endings out of 29 dates is absolutely huge. Admittedly, some of that goes to our credit for having a certain way with the ladies, but the rest of the credit certainly goes to for being the medium that every online dating platform should strive to be — one that does the simple job of allowing two local strangers looking for fun, casual sex to hook up with each other and enjoy a wild night together.

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We haven’t run into a single AffairsClub scam throughout our experience

The internet, though filled with endless beautiful content, is also home to a wide array of scammers who span all sorts of platforms. The unfortunate fact is that the influence of scammers has spread so far, potential consumers find themselves questioning websites like, even though the whole platform is completely legitimate. A scammer will do anything to squeeze a buck out of you, and they don’t really care how badly you need that buck. The online sub-sector of adult hookup sites is particularly replete with these unfortunate, dishonest people. We know this first hand, having passed through so many illegitimate hookup websites during our reviewing process. We have good news for anyone wanting to meet a person through the internet without risking being taken advantage of: throughout our experience using, we encountered only completely legitimate, honest users. There was not one annoying bot or one lowlife scammer to be found on our screens. This gives several coveted bonus points, since online dating platforms tend to come with their fair share of scams, as unfortunate as that might be. is undoubtedly a good tool to use, and it’s one of the first platforms that we would point to if anyone asks us our opinion on the best affai hookup sites.

We wish you many wild, crazy nights to come

If you want to get laid, and you happen to own a device connected to the internet (which, if you don’t already, you really should, seeing as how it’s 2018 and all), you can make all your wild, sexy dreams come true in no time at all. There are so many hot women around your area, sitting in the virtual armchairs of They’re all wondering what’s taking you so long! Go ahead and say hi to them, we promise they won’t bite. They certainly didn’t bite us (though maybe they would have if we would have asked them to). We highly recommend that you consider subscribing to, and we give you our research-backed guarantee that your wallet will not be at any risk from the virtual fingers of inconsiderate strangers, and that your time will be well spent toward getting you laid, over and over again.