How To Please A Woman In Bed

please your womanPlease A Woman In Bed

Being single in Fort Worth is like being single anywhere else in the world; you’re always looking for your next opportunity to get laid. Of course, thanks to the internet, there are so many casual sex websites out there that the issues that come with getting laid are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the advent of this brilliant technology, we are given the opportunity to chat with several single women in our area looking for the same no strings attached sex that we are. It’s quite easy to make an account, chat these women up, and set ourselves up on a date with them. Because we meet these women using an affair dating site, we already know that they’re looking to get laid with us, so a first date is really just a thing that leads up some good old fashioned hanky panky at the end of the night. Of course, a man’s sexual performance is another issue that comes across his mind often. Thankfully, the internet has your back in that sense as well, and in this case it comes in the form of this handy guide of how to please a woman in bed.

No Strings Attached Sex — Use Foreplay To Your Advantage

We men tend to want to get in on the action right away when it comes to having sex with a woman. In our minds, the less time that is wasted before our orgasm, the better it is for us. However, for us men who hold a woman’s pleasure as a priority (which, believe it or not, is not the case when it comes to the vast majority of men), we need to keep in mind the fact that taking our time in bed can produce great orgasms in our partners. Foreplay is a great activity that can really open your woman up to receiving rolling orgasms as the sex unfolds. Engage in some soft kissing throughout the entire body, and of course, have some oral sex. By not jumping straight into the interourse part of sex, you’re really warming up your lovely lady’s body to have the most intimate sexual night.

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Casual Sex Website First Date — Engage Her Core Through The Erogenous Zones On Your Woman’s Body

Women’s orgasms tend to be a touch more complex than ours. While all we need is to stimulate some lasting sensation on our private parts in order to achieve orgasm, women’s pleasure tends to be linked to their entire body. With that in mind, make sure that you’re activating all of the erogenous zones on your woman’s body, from her lips, to her breasts, to her hips, and even down to her feet if that’s what she likes. Be attentive to the language of her body. Most of communication is non-verbal, after all. During sex, we are communicating in a language that is totally comprised of the movements of our bodies. Become a master of this language by listening to what her body tells you, and responding accordingly.

How To Please A Woman — Be Completely Selfless

The overwhelming impulse that men have during sex is to have their orgasm even before a woman gets the chance to have hers. This is the unfortunate irony of sex between a man and a woman; when a man has an orgasm, the sex is over, and when a woman has an orgasm, the sex becomes more and more intense as it progresses. While all of us want to have sex, we all would rather have intense sex than boring sex, which is why it greatly benefits all parties to hold off on our orgasms so that a woman can have theirs. If you feel the impulse to end the sexual time by having an early orgasm, just focus on your breathing for a while and think of something completely non-sexual so that you can give your partner a chance to have hers. After doing this for a while, you’ll find that it gets easier to have sex for a long time without orgasming too early, and this will lead to a truly wild night for both you and your lucky lady.

Spend Some Intimate Time Together After Sex

Whether this is a potential serious relationship, or a strictly casual companionship, you should always spend some quality time cuddling your woman after the sex is over. This is just a form of romantic respect between two sexual partners regardless of the official state of your relationship. Spending some time in bed embracing your woman will really cement the experience in your mind. Of course, it’s important to establish beforehand that the sex is casual se (if that is indeed the case) so you don’t risk leading her on to something that you’re not prepared to give her. If communication is clear between both parties, then take the time to make your woman feel appreciated after the deed is done.