Reviews of the Best Sex Cam Sites for Live Shows

How to tell if a cam site is legit or not

  1. They ask you for personal information. This is really the key thing. There is no reason a cam girl should be asking you for Skype or any personal information about you that would lead them back to your real identity. If they ask you for that personal information, even something as innocuous as where you’re from, they’re probably up to something.
  2. There’s lots of videos, but no live cam shows. Probably a porn site trying to get you sign up for their service.
  3. They seem like they’re stalling you. They’re using the old phone sex tactic of getting as much out of you as you possibly can. You’re better off prepaying for 30 minutes. If you’re like me jerking off does not require a large time investment.
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Those are the 4 best Live Cam Sites in the United Stated for 2021

As with anything, you have to be very careful before you spend money online. Live cam sites are really fun guilt-free experiences for most dudes. But the vast majority of them are fake and trying to scam you, and these give the entire industry a bad name. We’ve provided these guides for you in the hopes that you will avoid negative experiences online with sex cam sites, but like anything, you have to trust your instincts too. Hopefully what we’ve provided here will help you feel more confident with your online adventures.

Best Sex Cam Sites Reviews

Ok, so you’re a little bored with your sex life, or looking for something extra to spice it up, but you can’t bring yourself to cheating on your wife. Then what you’re looking for is a live cam girl. You’re not really cheating because it’s just internet porn in the form of a live cam site. But you do get to interact with a real live girl who will perform a sex show for you. It’s basically like going to a strip club online. Your wife may not be super happy about it but it won’t be grounds for divorce either and there’s a very low risk of getting caught.

Don’t feel guilty about it. Everyone needs a bit of fantasy in their life. Whether you’re an older guy who’s been in a committed marriage for 20 years, or you’re a younger guy who’s looking to tie the knot soon, it’s perfectly natural to want an outlet outside of your marriage or relationship to fulfill certain needs you may not be able to ask your wife to do.

We get it though. You still love her. You respect her. She’s the mother of your children. But you have other desires, and perhaps you feel a bit weird asking your wife to fulfill them. That’s where live cam sites come into play. They’ll provide you with exactly what you’re looking for and you won’t have to worry about endangering your marriage to fulfill those needs. It’s much less risky than having an affair or hiring a prostitute. You don’t have worry about renting a motel or coming home smelling like perfume. All you need is an internet connection and a bit of hand lotion, and you’re good to go.

Sex cam shows are pretty cool too. You get to interact with the girl one on one and there’s girls of all kinds to fulfill all different kinds of desires. You like skinny nerdy girls? They got them. You like cheerleader blondes like the one you hooked up with in highschool? They got them. You like chubby curvy girls? They got those too. A good live cam site will provide you with access to all kinds of women of all shapes and sizes. You got a thing for goth chicks? No problem. You did the rave scene in college? There’s a girl with glow sticks. You like older women? Plenty of those. You like younger women? Plenty of those too.

They also cater to fetishes. You ever wonder what it would be like to be tamed by dominatrix? Well now you can. Is your wife a ball buster but you love her anyway? Well you can find a submissive who will do anything you tell her to do. You got a cuckold thing going on? There’s girls who will do live cam shows with their boyfriends pretending to be your ex.

Sex cams are all about exploring your fantasies with the girl of your dreams. Sure it lacks the same level of human interaction as a date does, but a little harmless role play and fantasy is good for you, and it’s good for your marriage. You’ll end up putting less pressure on the wife to do things she may not be comfortable with. You’ll never have to ask her to do anything she may find revolting or that you’ll be embarrassed to ask. There’s literally no chance of getting caught and ruining your marriage, unless she walks in on you (and that would be your own fault – lol).

So what we wanted to do was take a look over the best of the internet sex cam sites and root out the cam girl scams that have recently littered the internet.

Unfortunately, like everything else these days, the sex cam site industry is littered with scammers. Why does this happen? Because it requires very little money set up a website and then you can make loads of profit by doing nothing. So instead of camgirl sites you end up with porn hubs with non-interactive women or previously recorded tapings of live sex cam shows. These sites will rip off the software, the thumbnails, and anything else they can to provide you with all the appearance of a legitimate cam site but they don’t have the overhead of paying the girls or anyone else for that matter. Since it is so cheap to set up, it is really easy to turn a profit on the site even if the site gets a really bad reputation really fast.

What can a cam girl do to hurt you? Quite a lot actually. Here is a short list of cam girl scams:

  1. Record you jerking off and then use that to blackmail you. Yes, this happens. No one wants a videotape of themselves masturbating circulating around the office. Girls can make a killing of you with your dick in your hand and the funny expressions on your face.
  2. Stall. Stall. Stall. This is extortion by orgasm. Similar to the way a phone sex scam works where you keep having to pay more and more until you’ve spent hundreds of dollars for one orgasm. Prostitutes may charge by the hour or the night, but they won’t stall you as long as you can to bilk you for as much money as possible.
  3. Viruses and Malware. Have you ever heard of RansomWare? It’s a hacking technique of locking your computer until you transfer money into a specific account. It literally infects and over writes key parts of your boot sector so the only way to get it off is to wipe your entire system or pay the ransom.
  4. Key loggers and identity theft. There are some expert exploits out there that will log your every keystroke giving a hacker access to your paypal, your credit card information, and all of your social media accounts.