Finding The Erogenous Zones On Women’s Bodies

sex positionsErogenous Zones On Women’s Bodies

Okay, so you’ve gone through the whole process of setting up a date with a woman you met from using the best USA Dating Websites, have chosen from the best restaurants in Jacksonville to take your lucky lady to, and are having a great time watching the night unfold toward you. The drinks are starting to pile up, and you find your date moving closer and closer to you. This might be time to start thinking about the upcoming one night stand, because it’s starting to seem inevitable at this point. You did meet this woman on an american casual encounter site, after all, so you both know the deal. You see an opening, and you make a move to kiss her, and she accepts. After that, you’re on the way to your place to have some great casual sex with the awesome stranger.

While all that is well and good, and you’ll soon be enjoying your hot, wild night, it’s easy for us men to forget how important it is that our partner in sex enjoys their night as well. We’re usually too busy taking care of our own pleasure, we forget to focus on finding the erogenous zones on women’s bodies, and taking all the steps necessary to help them achieve orgasm as well. We can’t be fully blamed for this trait — it’s placed firmly in our genetic code, after all, so we’re only following impulses that seem most natural to us. However, from the women’s perspective, they’re fully aware of the fact that there are men out there who will be totally committed to giving these women a hot, orgasmic night to remember. If you don’t want your woman to leave you too quickly after your first one night stand, it’s important to make her pleasure a priority.

This is really not a bad thing, after all. Sex is an intimate act carried out between two people, and not just one; if the woman is enjoying herself as much as you are, the collective joy of the encounter will amplify and multiply until you find yourself in a sexual frenzy with your hot new date. Follow the steps we go over below, and revel in the awesome sex that you and your partner will be having.

Once You’re Done Spending Time In The Best Restaurants, Before The Sex Positions Come Into Play, Take Some Time For Foreplay

After you’re through with the whole restaurant experience, it’s time to go back to your place for some real fun. While we are usually tempted to get the intercourse going as soon as possible, women tend to enjoy being warmed up first. Therefore, having some fun foreplay before the sex is a great way to prep her body for the rolling orgasms that you’re about to give her.

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USA Dating Websites Sex Tip — Engage Her Entire Body

During sex we tend to allow our minds to drift as our bodies are completely encompassed by the amazing pleasure that we’re receiving. While it’s great to be taken by the spirit of sex, it’s also important to keep ourselves grounded in the actual event, and pay attention to what her body is doing during the act. Read her body like a book, and you’ll see that her erogenous zones are among the very finest reading material.

Experiment With Different Positions During A One Night Stand

Chances are, you won’t find the best position with our new partner on your very first try. That’s why it’s important to experiment with various sex positions until you find the one that’s giving you both the maximum amount of pleasure that you can take. Be patient, and make sure both parties are open to toying around with new possibilities.

Erogenous Zones On Women’s Bodies — Listen To Her Body

Most of interhuman communication is achieved outside of the mouth, outside of our words. During sex, particularly, we can see that two people are actually speaking to each other using nothing but their bodies. Sex is a language; if you can become truly adept at reading this language, you will see that you will be able to provide women with the hard, rolling orgasms that their bodies crave. The truth is that it takes more than the average man to achieve this sort of thing, as most men out there are wholeheartedly dedicated to their own pleasure, so much so that they completely lose track of the importance of pleasing their woman. It’s easy to set yourself apart from this unfortunate median — just be attentive during sex, try your best to transcribe what her body is telling you. The more you try your best at this venture, the more varied results you’ll see. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself being a veritable Cassanova, and your woman will have her knees buckle at the very thought of the amazing night you gave her.