Which Are The Real Affair Dating Sites in USA

Best American Affair Websites

Despite all the so-called “services” which are attempting to take advantage of you, we did find some affair websites which were real. They all had the following criteria in common:

1. Users were responsive to our e-mails. In other words, they weren’t bots.
2. Users were not escorts. A legit site will not allow escorts to use their dating service to recruit clients.
3. We actually got dates. In other words, we were able to verify that the users of the site were who they claimed to be: married people looking for an affair.

With that in mind, these were the best American sites for having an affair:

Affair SitesRecommendationRankSent EmailsReceived RepliesCheating Dates Set UpDates Actually Had# of AffairsDebriefingExplore
★★★★★★#115045323130Read our comparisonTest the site
★★★★★#215057332926Read our comparisonTest the site
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Those are the Top 3 Best Affair Sites in the United Stated for 2021

What is a GOOD Affair Website in the USA

Ladies and gents both end up getting hitched when they’re too young and as a result of social pressure and unrealistic expectations. It happens.Sometimes that’s okay. The marriage grows stronger. The relationship continues to grow. Happily ever after. Other times, that spark that drove you to tie the knot in the first place withers and dies. That happens too. But now there are children involved. The children would be hurt if you and your spouse were to sever ties. Financially, it doesn’t make sense either. Divorces are messy. The children get caught in the middle. Animosity brews where once there was a spark. But you’re not alone. Thousands of others feel the exact same way. Maybe they married for the wrong reasons. Maybe they’re just not the type of person who should be in a relationship but find themselves in one anyway. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their spouse, although, sometimes it certainly does. It means they need to find that romantic and sexual release outside of their marriage. Thankfully for those folks, there are a special brand of dating sites for having affairs that are out there just for them. In this article we’ll review which are the best American affair websites, and which ones are simply trying to scam you.

Now the problem with affair websites, is that the vast majority of them are fraudulent. We reviewed over 50 of them and found the number of real dating sites for having affairs numbered in the single digits. A whopping 91% of them turned out to be porn sites for cam girls, or escort services, or in still other cases, something much, much worse. That’s a serious problem. Some men don’t mind paying for sex. It’s simple, there’s no mess involved. But there’s no real affection either, and whether we admit it to ourselves or not, most of us do like that emotional bond that comes from sexual relationships.

Affairs are exciting too. Paying for a hooker, not so much. Affair dating online is sort of like smoking behind the school when you’re a kid. You don’t do it necessarily because you enjoy smoking, but that fear of getting caught is exhilarating. With escorts everything feels like a transaction. There’s nothing wrong if that’s what you’re into, but for us we wanted to focus on real affair websites that matched you up with real married women and married women to married men.

You have to be very careful when registering for affair websites. Some of them are literally set for sole purpose of blackmailing users under the threat of exposure to their spouses and family. We would hate for you to have to learn this lesson the hard way. We understand that no one should be forced to endure a loveless or sexless marriage under the threat of financial ruin, nor should they be taken advantage of simply because they yearn for the same affection all people do.

So why not try a regular dating site? Well, a good dating site for having an affair will offer its users the discretion and privacy you won’t get from a regular dating site. It’s much easier to get caught, for someone you know to find you, and hooking up with singles may seem like a good idea but it’s generally much messier, especially for married folks who need the relationship to stay an affair. Singles are generally looking for long term relationships, something with a future. Affairs can last a long time, but they never evolve into anything other than affair. You’re much better off with a partner who is in the same boat as you are. This avoids the messy scandalous nonsense of dealing with someone who feels hurt because they relationship didn’t turn into exactly what they wanted it to. There’s less chance of a spurned lover calling up your spouse to let them know you’ve fooling around behind their back as a way of getting even with you. That, essentially, is what affair websites were built for in the first place.

So in light of this, and all the risks that come with finding a legitimate dating site for having affairs, we put together these lists to steer you toward the best services, and away from the affair sites which were either fraudulent services or hubs for criminals attempting to blackmail you.

Beware of affair dating scams

There were more than few outright scams out there which targeted married people looking for an affair website. For some reason, these folks are targeted far too often by unethical scammers who are looking for a quick buck. This is what you need to look out for:

1. A good site will remove users attempting to recruit clients for escort services or porn sites. It’s a dating site, not an escort service. Good sites won’t tolerate prostitutes using their site to make money. Neither will they tolerate cam girls or anyone else misusing their service.
2. A good site has a solid user base they built from trust. IE: They do not have to use deceptive tactics like bots or employees posing as users. That’s why our core criteria for a good site is dates. You will never go on a date with a bot or employee. Trust us.
3. A good site will permanently ban a user, or even prosecute them, for attempting to distribute their personal information for the purpose of blackmail. If the site doesn’t attempt to prosecute or ban a user once it becomes known to them that they’re using the site for this purpose, then they obviously don’t care about building a strong user base. In some instances, the sites themselves promote this kind of behavior. In fact their business model is based on it. And even though in most countries blackmail is illegal, they get away with it.

Real Affair Websites

So, we understand whatever your reasons are for wanting an extra-marital encounter, they should not be broadcast, nor leveraged for the purpose of blackmail. Finding a good affair dating site is a tricky thing, because so few of the services out there are in fact what they claim to be. In our excursion into affair dating online we found that the majority of sites were not at all what they seemed, and in fact only 3 constituted what we would call a “real” affair dating site.

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