About Me: Why Did I created Affair-Scams.com

My Affair Website Horror Story

I was really stupid and a little naive. That’s probably how I ended up marrying my wife in the first place. I had heard about these affair websites you see popping up on the internet, and I thought that sounded like something I wanted to do. I had heard of all the popular ones, but it seemed like if I could get the same service cheaper why isn’t that exactly what I should do?

So began my online affair horror story. I had signed up for an affair website. I checked out the women on the site and they seemed attractive from their pictures. I was really excited, actually. Thinking back, they set me up really well.

I sent out a message to one woman who I found to be particularly attractive and she responded in a cordial albeit generic way. I did not know at the time that this was an automatic response form letter which I would have received no matter who I sent it to.

In order to respond to it, I had to pay for their premium service. So I thought, what the hell? All the internet dating services that were worth a damn required some money down to use the site. So I gave them my credit card number and moved forward. It was only $9.99 a month. What did I have to lose? So I paid it and sent a message to sad_marie29 – the woman who responded to my email and waited for a reply. It never came.

I found out later that the site had charged me $9.99 for access to it and then another $49.99 for access to the porn that was made available on the site. It became apparent that I had been scammed. I was annoyed, but obviously I couldn’t say anything. I was too embarrassed and I still didn’t want my wife to know that I thinking about cheating on her.

Unfortunately, she found out when my credit was charged $9.99 with the name of the site listed right on the statement and another $49.99 for porn.

Obviously I was mortified when my wife brought this to my attention. I didn’t expect our marriage to last forever, but I didn’t want it to end like that either. It was a very difficult period in my life separating from wife, even though we didn’t really love each other anymore. From the other stories I’ve heard this could have been much worse. But I felt really stupid and I was very angry with myself for a long time. I created this site to make sure an affair site scam never again happened to anyone else again. So I put this guide together help people out there like yourself find the legitimate affair dating sites and avoid the scams.