The Top 8 Worst Spots to Bring a Date in San Jose

We have all had some bad dates in our day. It can happen to anyone, but it seems particularly tied to cheating online and dating married people. Perhaps it is the expectations of people in a relationship, or maybe it is just bad luck, or maybe it just happens when you go to one of the worst spots to bring a date. In San Jose, there are some particularly horrible places to go if you are dating married people. Not only can you get some crooked stares, but the atmosphere just might ruin your night, and chances of getting something more. This guide was written as a list of places to avoid for every single meet and greet with any date. Not all bad dates can be avoided, but the worst spot to bring a date can be missed and forgotten about altogether. Of course, if you don’t have a date yet, try checking out some of these Hot Affair Dating Sites to find someone to take to another place other than what is on this list.

dating married peopleSkip Out on the Worst Spot to Bring a Date

Bad Dates Happen at Fast Food Restaurants

Don’t be a loser. Taking a girl out to any fast food place is a big mistake. Not only does it make you seem cheap, but you will also appear to be a greasy guy who has no taste. It is a rare breed of woman that is impressed by a stale taco, so if you are thinking of making a single meet at one of the grease soaked fast food chains, think again, and be a little more creative.

No One Wants to Be Dating Married People at an Arcade

You are not a kid anymore, so try and take your date somewhere a little more grown up. Especially if you are cheating online, then your date probably doesn’t want to waste their time playing ancient video games in a place full of children. Find another way to arouse some excitement that doesn’t involve mashing buttons and handling the same joystick that a hundred kids with dirty hands have played with.

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Do Singles Meet at the Movie Theatre?

When is the last time you met someone new at the movie theatre? Probably never because no one talks during a movie. So why would you take a date there? If you enjoy dating married people and seducing them with your words, then steer clear of the movies. It is just a dark room with no conversation that will probably result in a date that goes nowhere.

Family Dinners make Bad Dates

A family dinner is no place for an intimate date. Especially if you are cheating online, then you do not want to mix this with a family occasion. It is a recipe for a horrible night, and not only will your date feel awkward, your family will probably have a few questions as well.

Church could be the Worst Spot to Bring a Date

Unless you met at a church, then taking your date to a church is probably a terrible idea. There is nothing sexy about sitting in a hard pew listening to how you will burn in hell for sins like adultery. If your date takes it to heart, you could find yourself alone for the rest of the night.

Never Make a Single Meet at a Restaurant you Can’t Afford

There is nothing more embarrassing than trying to impress a girl by taking her to a fancy restaurant, and then realizing that there is now way you can ever afford to pay for the meal. You might be able to try and go dutch on the bill, but you will probably end up looking like a broke loser.

“Netflix and Chill” is not for Dating Married People

Do I need to say much about this? This is not a date, it is a booty call.

Weddings are Not for Cheating Online

A wedding is not the ideal location for a date. There will be too many people asking too many questions about how you met and what your plans are for the future. It can be a major buzz kill and quite difficult to explain the intricacies of your relationship.

Now that you know where not to go, try taking your date to any other location than what is on this list. It will most likely be better. If you are still desperate to find a date, try checking out one of these Dating Sites for Cheaters , and find someone to take to anywhere better than what is on this list.